October/November 2021 Newsletter

Thank You For Joining Us At Our International Day Of The Girl Luncheon

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the luncheon in October. There were 117 guests, a record turnout! We celebrated with some fun and informative speakers. Yummy food. Wonderful conversations with old friends and new. You blew our goal out of the water!Thank you so much for your support!
Visitors to Light of Hope
In August the girls were so excited to have five friends from Minnesota travel to Light of Hope. These amazing friends brought with them a STEM program. Introduced leadership training to the girls. Rescued Janet and Elizabeth from poverty and hunger. Spent countless hours playing with the girls and pouring love into each of them.
Purity is Thriving
Purity is 15 years old and has completed her education at Light of Hope. She has chosen to go to vocational training to become an auto mechanic. We are so proud of her! Purity is working hard and doing well. Light of Hope and you, our amazing donors, support the girls education through high school or vocational school. If you would like to help support Purity over the next 2 years while she completes this program, please respond to this email.
There’s Joy In The Journey
Thank you for participating in our end of the year campaign in the past. Our theme this year is “There’s Joy in the Journey”. We will kick off on Giving Tuesday, November 30th, and end on December 31st. Our goal is to raise support for the 28 girls who are attending high school.
Click here to watch a new video of Tabitha, Janet, and Elizabeth.

July/August 2021 Newsletter

Upcoming International Day of the Girl Luncheon

Please join us for lunch! Tell Your Friends!  This is a fundraiser that coincides with the International Day of the Girl Child and is intended to raise awareness and expand out network supporters.  The lunch will take place on Wednesday, October 13th from Noon to 1:00pm at the Hutton House in Medicine Lake. We will be very deliberate in keeping the program to one hour. The event is complimentary for you and your guests as it will be sponsored by MedNet Solutions and the Hutton House.
 Please let me know by September 2, 2021 if you would like to host a table or if you would like to bring a couple friends and host a partial table. You can also join me at my table! Thank you in advance for your help in making this event a success! 
New Website
We have redesigned and refreshed our website! A special thank you to Charlene, a Light of Hope volunteer, for all her time and knowledge that she brought to making this happen. We couldn’t have done it without her!
Check it out>>
Boni and Sandy in Kenya
Boni and Sandy have been spending the end of the summer with the girls and staff at Light of Hope. They have been receiving more calls then ever from the Kenyan social workers and people in the community to take in more girls. It has been heartbreaking how much these girls have been through. Our hope is to keep helping these girls and we are so grateful for your continued support. Thank you!

So Far This Year…You have helped rescue girls who have been rejected and forgotten.Continued to support the girls that call Light of Hope home and school. Sent girls to high school and college in record numbers. Added new buildings and continued to maintain the buildings that we have been blessed with in the past years. 
7 Rescued new girls 

29 Girls in high school

2 New classrooms built

Thank You!
It has been my great joy to work for the girls, Boni and Sandy, God and this mission for just over a year. My favorite part of my job is talking to you on the phone and meeting you in person. I am always here to answer questions or to chat about what’s on your heart for Light of Hope. Thank you for receiving me so kindly into this position and I look forward to continuing this work!
Erin Quinn

May/June 2021 Newsletter

Call for Friend of Hope Letters

Boni and Sandy are traveling to Light of Hope on July 26 and we are hoping to bring a letters from their Friends of Hope! We are thankful for each of you who are a part of this program already. Please email or hand write your letters and send to us no later then July 18.
This is an amazing and unique opportunity to pray for a specific girl, write letters back and forth and build a relationship. Can you help us match our last 25 girls who are not yet in the program? 
All it takes is a commitment to write a couple of letters a year and a recurring monthly donation of $50 or more (it costs $210 per month for each girl at LOH to receive her room, board and education).  
Here are two of the girls that are in need of a Friend of Hope. There are many more on our website.  Please email if you are able to participate! 

Meet SharonRose, she came to LOH in 2017 at 9yrs old. She was abandoned by her mother. Determined in her studies, she wants to be a nurse. Esther came to Light of Hope in February of this year. She is 12yrs old and the first born of three to a single mom. Before LOH she had to walk 5 miles to school each day. 
Light of Hope Student Update
It’s June and the school is back in full swing. We have 80 girls at LOH plus girls in high school. Our construction of the two new classrooms is almost complete. Thanks to your generosity and love we have welcomed 5 new girls into the Light of Hope family in 2021!

Rotary Connections?
For the past several months we have been working with the Shakopee Rotary and District 5950 to write an International Grant to help fund the construction of a Water Harvesting System at Light of Hope. This would help to capture the overabundance of rain water in the spring for use during the dry season. If you have any Rotary connections please let us know. We are in need of getting more Clubs participating with us. 
Have you heard of DonorSee? This is a new fundraising platform that we are trying out for our urgent projects that arise at Light of Hope. We just welcomed 7 year old Jane, can you help cover her first month expenses at LOH?

Click Here to Watch Jane’s Video on DonorSee!

March/April 2021 Newsletter

Register NOW For The Gala On Saturday!
Our annual Shine A Light Of Hope Gala will be virtual again this year and our presentation will be top notch!
We are looking forward to having you join us on Saturday at 7:00pm! Please register below. The online Auction starts on Wednesday, April 14th at 8:00am and will close at 8:00pm SHARP following the Gala. Meet Jacinta and Faith who will be featured during the program. They are sisters who were just rescued in March by LOH.
 A special thank you to our Diamond level sponsor! Atventure Retail Group
Light of Hope Student Update
We celebrated all of the March birthday’s last month and enjoyed a special birthday cake. 

Building 2 New Classrooms
The new classrooms are almost complete. The desks and chairs are  in the process of being built for the students and teachers. 
Boni and Sandy are back in Minnesota 
Boni and Sandy are back home after spending a wonderful couple of months with the girls and staff at Light of Hope. It’s great to have them back!

Become a Friend of Hope
The Friend of Hope program creates an opportunity to develop a very special friendship with a specific girl. You’ll have the chance to exchange pictures, share life stories, and pray for each other. With a monthly commitment to help cover some or all of the expenses of a girl, you are making education possible and are empowering one of Africa’s leaders of tomorrow! For more information contact Erin or Charlene at or visit our website

January/February 2021 Newsletter

Light of Hope Student Update
The girls are back full time and ready to learn! The school passed its covid prevention inspection and school resumed full time in January.
112 girls = 112 smiles = 112 bright futures
Building 2 New Classrooms
Construction is in full swing, building 2 new classrooms. These classrooms have an immediate purpose of providing social distancing for schooling. Long term these classrooms represent hope and the future growth at Light of Hope. The ability to open our doors to more girls in Kenya who are in need of refuge, restoration and redirection.
Boni and Sandy are in Kenya
Boni and Sandy are so happy to be back with the girls at Light of Hope! 

Save the date for our annual Shine A Light Of Hope Gala.
It will be virtual again this year and our presentation will be top notch! We have been working hard but we still need your help. We are trying a new format and looking to have 30 Host Homes. Would you be willing to open your home to your friends, family, or neighbors to watch the gala together? Light of Hope will provide dessert!  Also, we are gathering donations of items, experiences, trips, etc. that can be auctioned to raise funds.  The 2021 Gala Committee has lofty goals this year and we are hoping you can help provide auction items. Please respond to this email if you would like more information.
Meet Esther
Rescued and brought to Light of Hope in February. At our virtual gala you will get the chance to meet her and hear her story.

Become a Friend of Hope
The Friend of Hope program creates an opportunity to develop a very special friendship with a specific girl. You’ll have the chance to exchange pictures, share life stories, and pray for each other. With a monthly commitment to help cover some or all of the expenses of a girl you are making education possible and are empowering one of Africa’s leaders of tomorrow!For more information contact Erin or Charlene at or visit our website

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August/September 2020 Newsletter

International Day of the Girl is Almost Here
Our International Day of the Girl celebration-luncheon-fundraiser is coming up fast. We are excited and thankful for all of the guests that have already signed up. Below are the details, if you wish to attend please let us know! Thursday October 8, 2020 Lunch and our one hour program begins at 12:00
The Hutton House in Medicine Lake
If you are unable to join us for the luncheon, please consider donating to our fundraiser. Donate Today
Light of Hope Student Update
Much like the rest of the world, Light of Hope has had to be patient and open to things ever changing. During these past several months we have had a constant flow of girls coming and going. This time has been treated like a summer or winter break where some of the girls stay with relatives for a time then switch with another group and so on. We are excited that this month all of the girls will be coming back as we start getting back to normal.  Some of the projects going on for the girls are e-learning, discovering their special gifts, learning more trades, and working together as a team with the staff to maintain their home and school. 
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Giving Opportunities
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Take 5 minutes to set up a Facebook birthday fundraiser. Update your AmazonSmile account to give 0.05% to Light of Hope. Donate directly to us through your workplace United Way program.
Look for our federal tax ID name – Lighthouse Ministries International of Africa
Become a Friend of Hope
The Friend of Hope program creates an opportunity to develop a very special friendship with a specific girl. You’ll have the chance to exchange pictures, share life stories, and pray for each other. With a monthly commitment to help cover the expenses of a girl you are making education possible and are empowering one of Africa’s leaders of tomorrow!
For more information contact Erin or Charlene at or visit our website

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Boni made it back home to Minnesota!
An important statistic:
According to the Borgen Project: “One year of secondary education for a girl in Kenya corresponds to over 25 percent increase in wages; if girls were to finish their secondary education, child marriage would be reduced by at least 50 percent.” Know that your support is essential to helping us empower Africa’s leaders of tomorrow!
Donate Today

May / June Newsletter: School Updates

May/June Newsletter

Flooding at Light of Hope

The extended rainy season has brought incredible rainfall and flooding to eastern Africa and much of the damage was in Kenya. Over 100,000 people were displaced, lives and livestock were lost. Below is a video showing the water that has washed out the road leading to Light of Hope.

Watch Video – Featuring Boni!

Boni has not been able to come home since March due to the International travel ban in Kenya. We hope and pray that he will be able to travel home soon.

Update on Our Friends of Hope Initiative

The Friend of Hope program creates an opportunity to develop a very special friendship with a specific girl. You’ll have the chance to exchange pictures, share life stories, and pray for each other. With a monthly commitment to help cover the expenses of a girl you are making education possible and are empowering one of Africa’s leaders of tomorrow!
For more information contact Charlene at or visit this page for more information.

Saying Goodbye to Lynn Schroeder

We had to say goodbye to a dear friend and advocate of Light of Hope. Lynn passed away on February 29, 2020. She is greatly missed.

Welcome to Erin Quinn who has been hired to take over the position as the Director of Marketing, Development and Donor Relations and can be reached at

How Covid-19 is Effecting Light of Hope

Light of Hope has been challenged with navigating Covid-19. On March 15th all Kenya schools closed. Some girls have stayed and others went to stay with relatives. The girls who stayed have been keeping busy around LOH making masks and taking care of the facility while maintaining social distancing. School will be open for 3rd term on September 1st and the girls are slowly returning to Light of Hope. To stay in compliance with the government mandate the classrooms will need to be expanded for more social distancing. This will be an unexpected expense to the Light of Hope budget.

2020 Online Gala: Thank you to our supporters!

Dear friends and supporters of Light of Hope,

We are so grateful for your generosity and support of our “She is an Overcomer” online giving campaign and silent auction. Despite the challenges we faced this year, Light of Hope was able to raise over $130,000!! This is 65% of our goal of $200,000. We are overjoyed
to have raised these much-needed funds for the girls of Light of Hope!

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you. We hope you enjoyed our videos and pictures of the girls during the campaign and had fun bidding in the silent auction!

If you were not able to participate in the fundraising campaign, there is still time to help us reach our goal! Please go to our website to donate and to learn more about Light of Hope:

You may also want to visit the Friends of Hope section on the website that highlights how you can have a special relationship with a girl through letter writing, prayer and support for her monthly. She will be blessed to know someone in the US is thinking of and praying for her.
If you would like to become a Friend of Hope and select one of the girls, click here

Thank you, again, for the love, support and generosity you have shown the girls of Light of Hope and for making a difference, one life at a time!

The 2020 Gala Committee
Linda Lehman and Anne Boldt (Co-chairs)

Greetings from Kenya!

Greetings from Boni Karanja at Light of Hope Home and School in Naivasha, Kenya!

While Boni is still in Kenya (and unable to fly back to the US at this time) he shares a greeting and his heart for the girls of Light of Hope.
We are missing him along with missing the Gala. Please see his greeting to you, our friends and supporters.

Click here to register for our virtual fundraiser and silent auction!

Silent auction opens for bidding on April 22– 25.

Donate today to support a girl for a year or to support our girls.

January / February: School Updates

January and February School Updates

An Update About Our End of Year Campaign

Thank you to all of our supporters who helped make our SHE IS UNSTOPPABLE campaign a success. During December, Light of Hope raised over $30,000 to allow us to welcome additional girls to our campus during 2020. You are a blessing to us!

Light of Hope Student, Jane W, proposed public park clean up and received government funding to proceed

Jane W led a group of youth to clean up a designated park space in Naivasha that had over the past number of years fallen into disrepair. After receiving government approval and funding, on January 15 the volunteers successfully conducted a first trash pick up. Residents of Naivasha are excited about Jane’s plans to plant trees and grass to further improve the site. It will be gratifying to see future use and enjoyment of this park space. We are proud of you, Jane.

Update about 8th grade testing, rising high schoolers

Our 2019 8th Grade Class tested well on the very rigorous Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam. Here are highlights about three of our newly admitted Form 1 high school girls:

Vivian W has been at Light of Hope since 2011. She has been very industrious and determined. She earned a very high score, which is commendable.

Lucy G joined Light of Hope in 2015. Her disciplined approach and gratitude for her quality education urged her on to a high score as well.

Tabitha W has worked hard and stayed focused on her Light of Hope classes since her arrival in 2013. Lucy scored well on her test.

All three girls are looking forward to their first year of secondary education! Congratulations, girls. We are very proud of your achievements.
You are inspiring to other Light of Hope girls.

New Student/Sister Finds Hope at Light of Hope

Please help us welcome Stacy, our newest member of the Light of Hope family. Stacy’s home situation was dire. Her mother, sister and she lived in extreme poverty and Stacy was not being educated. Her life and future will change for the better starting this month!