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Home & School


In Africa — a part of the world too often defined by poverty — there sits an oasis of optimism and faith. This is Light of Hope, a girls school in Kenya that empowers the young girls it serves to break free from the cycle of poverty, abandonment, and abuse.



For many, Light of Hope is home. Our girls come to us from desperate circumstances. Lacking in education and having endured extreme poverty and abuse, they need much more than academic enrichment. We care for the whole girl by providing food, shelter, health care, counseling, faith, and education in a safe and loving family environment. It’s a home that makes room for another sister at the table.

At Light of Hope we rise very early to start our day. The mornings may be a little quieter as we wake up, but soon it is bustling with the sound of chores being done. We spend time on homework before we head to breakfast and prepare for school. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be educated and we work hard at getting good grades.

It takes a lot of work to care for each other, but we have fun together too. We may have more chores in the afternoon, time for homework and then we eat and enjoy some free time outside. We love to be active playing soccer, basketball and so many other games. If you visit us, you will hear a lot of laughter all around our home.

Giving Back

We were so proud to share Zipporah’s story at a past gala. Since that time, Zipporah went on to graduate with her degree in Agriculture. She has returned to Light of Hope as staff to invest back into her home. She has used the knowledge gained during her education to multiply the number of goats, chickens, and other animals increasing the sustainability of the home and school.