Become a Friend of Hope

Click on a picture to select a friend. Indicates the girl has a Friend of Hope.

Agnes W. Vocational
Angel N. Pre-K
Ann W. Grade 7
Ann W. Pre-K
Annastaciah W. Pre-K
AnnCosy N. Grade 3
Beatrice M. Grade 10
Catherine N. Grade 10
Dorcas E. Grade 6
Elizabeth M. Pre-K
Elizabeth W. Vocational
Elsie N. Grade 8
Esther G. Grade 3
Esther K. Grade 7
Esther N. Grade 7
Esther W. Grade 9
Eunice W. Grade 5
Everylne N. Grade 7
Everylne W. Grade 4
Faith Mary N. Grade 8
Faith W. Pre-K
Faith W. Grade 4
Faith W. Grade 11
Falon N. Grade 5
Gladys W. Grade 12
Grace W. Grade 6
Hannah W. Grade 9
Hellen M. Grade 12
Hellen W. Grade 1
Jane A. Pre-K
Jane M. Grade 2
Jane W. Grade 7
Janet K. Grade 3
Jecinta W. Grade 2
Josephine M. Grade 10
Joy W. Pre-K
Joyce W. Grade 6
Lucy G. Grade 11
Lucy W. Grade 4
Lucy W. Grade 4
Lucy W. Grade 10
Lucy W. Pre-K
Margaret A. Grade 5
Margaret E. Grade 8
Margaret N. Grade 7
Marion W. Grade 10
Mary M. Grade 3
Mary M. Grade 8
Mary N. Grade 5
Mary N. Grade 9
Mary W Grade 2
Mary W. Grade 6
Mary W. Grade 12
Maxmillan A. Grade 3
Nancy N. Grade 3
Nancy R. Grade 1
Patricia N. Grade 4
Pauline N. Grade 5
Philomena W. Grade 8
Precious N Pre-K
Purity N. Grade 7
Purity W. Vocational
Quinter N. Grade 7
Rachael N. Grade 8
Rahab W. Grade 11
Rose N. Grade 8
Salome W. Pre-K
Sarah N. Grade 7
Sera W. Grade 11
Sharon N. Grade 4
Sharon W Grade 1
SharonRose W. Grade 7
Sheriz M Grade 3
Stacey A. Grade 4
Susan W. Grade 10
Susan W. Pre-K
Tabitha W. Grade 11
Teresia W. Grade 8
Teresia W. Grade 1
Teresiah A. Grade 10
Teresiah N. Grade 10
Tina N. Grade 8
Vencencia A. Grade 3
Vivian W. Grade 11
Winnie N. Grade 9