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August/September 2022 Newsletter

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Four Girls Rescued This Summer
Susan and Angel were rescued last month while we had a team visiting from Minnesota. These incredible girls are thriving!
Susan was rescued from poor living conditions where her grandparents could no longer care for her. Susan’s sister Joy came to LOH this past spring. The sisters are thrilled to be back together!
Angel is just four years old and was rescued from a safe house in Naivasha. She was abandoned by her alcoholic mother. No relatives can be found and no one has come looking for her. She is safe and smiling more each day with her new sisters at LOH.
In the beginning of September sisters Mary (10yrs) and Precious (2yrs) were rescued from Naivasha safe house. They were abandoned a year ago. Scared at first the girls are doing well and enjoying their new “sisters”!
School Improvements This Summer
Light of Hope received donations to complete the ceiling in the girls dorm, Ujisiri Hostel. Keeping it much warmer while they sleep. Did you know the temps in Kenya get down to 50 degrees at night? Also, a beautiful cross was made for the Wokovu Hall. 
The girls were blessed with new sporting equipment and an updated place to keep the helmets, cleats, jerseys, etc. Amazing what a little paint can do to a room! They are so excited!
Twins Games were a Successful Fundraiser
18 volunteers spent 5 nights with the Twins running concession stands this summer! It was a wonderful time to connect and share stories about travels to Light of Hope and our Friends of Hope.  During the 5 games we raised over $6,900!!! 
Thank you Mark and Anne B, Chuck W, Kent S, Boni and Sandy K, Rich and Suzy S, Gaylan K, Tom S, Wendy A, John and Pat W, Dave and Linda L, Dale and Susan F, Kim B for volunteering!
 Set it and Forget it A New Way to Donate to Your Favorite Nonprofit
This is a fun way to round up and donate to us during your weekly trip to the grocery store or going out to eat. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Check out SPAVE now and help us to usher in another way to support the girls.