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Ten Surprising Things – Mission Trip

Joanne Esser went on a summer 2014 mission trip to Light of Hope.  She wrote about ten things that might surprise visitors to Kenya and Light of Hope:

1.  It is not hot and it is colder than you might think.

2.  Small girls can eat an amazing amount of food!

3.  The girls’ favorite game is soccer (football).

4.  It is dark at night by 6:30 p.m. and light in the morning about 6:30 a.m. year round – dinner by candle and lantern light!

5.  The road to Light of Hope turns from a solid dirt road to slippery “muck” after a few hours of rain.

7.  How green and “tropical” every plant in the gardens looks.

8.  Many of the birds have very long tails, quite unlike North American birds we’ve ever seen.

9.  Taking a shower here is a test of bravery – you turn on a switch on the wall to “warm” the water…

10.  Kenyans are “resourceful.” Kenyans figure out how to use whatever they have and make it work.

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