November 2017 Monthly Newsletter

November Newsletter

Featuring Mary

Meet Mary

Mary is a sweet, confident, and social 7th grader that is poised to be a positive influence in the world. She looks to the future with a hopeful eye, and plans to follow in her sister Jane’s footsteps by attending high-school and then college. Although she has many interests and talents, her current goal is to become a writer, and make a difference through communication.

Like many at LOH, Mary and Jane were abandoned at an early age, first by their father, and then their mother. Their mother, jobless and poverty stricken, had struggled for years with illness and lack of income, and feeling this was her only choice, left them, along with their baby brother, in the street at a shopping center.

A shop owner took the children to the police station, who then placed them at a local children’s office, where they remained for over a year. Their parents were never found, and in 2007, the girls were referred to Light of Hope, where they remain today! Mary was three.

Having grown up at LOH, Mary loves and appreciates this special place, as it is the only home she has ever known. Her favorite pastime is photography, something to which many a visitor to LOH can attest as she has been known to teach visitors how to use their digital cameras!

We love you Mary, and we look forward to watching all of your future successes!

Jane and Ruth arrive in Minnesota!

We are thrilled to announce that Ruth and Jane have arrived safely from Kenya! Jane, Mary’s older sister, and Ruth, Director of the School, as well as Boni’s youngest sister, are here to promote LOH and share their personal stories of faith and triumph! Exhausted from travel, but grateful to be here, these wonderful girls are excited for their inaugural visit to Minnesota!

8th Graders Take Kenyan National Exam

Congrats to the 8th grade class, who have completed their Kenyan National High School Exams! The girls worked hard to prepare for this important exam, and will now wait on the results, which are due at the end of December. Test scores help determine if the student will be accepted into high-school, and if so, which school.

Congrats 8th grade class – We are so proud of you!

“When we think of you, we think of God for bringing you into our lives.”  – Anonymous LOH Student

KPCE Exams- LOH Becomes an Official Testing Site

Light of Hope is proud to be chosen as an official testing site for the Kenyan High-school Exams! Visiting students and exam proctors were on campus last week taking and administering these important exams.

Congrats, LOH! This is quite an honor!

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