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July 2018 Monthly Updates

July School Updates

Thank you for all that you do, LOH Staff!

A Letter from the Staff of LOH:

“We are blessed to be here as staff of LOH! We enjoy helping the girls acquire knowledge and skills, helping them identify talents that we can nurture and develop, and watching them succeed! We also enjoy providing moral support, and offering counseling and guidance in consideration of their difficult backgrounds.”

“Supporting them spiritually to be God fearing and to seek Godly guidance in their endeavors is an honor. We act as role models to the girls, and all of this is helping us to become the best versions of ourselves. Finally, we love being in a Godly environment, increasing our knowledge in other fields, and are thankful for the ability to support our families.”

A GREAT BIG thank you to each and every staff member of Light of Hope! We appreciate you so much and we couldn’t do this work without you! Asante Sana!”

The Gifted Hands Club

The Gifted Hands Club is a club that gives the girls a chance to learn new skills, and to use their gifts in a positive and creative way. This month the members focused on knitting and the girls are excited about their creations! The teachers in charge have been working hand in hand to help advise the club members, and pictured on the left are a few examples of their beautiful work. Nice job, girls!

Leadership Training Continues at LOH

Leadership training continues at LOH, this time for the younger grades, as the 7th and 8th graders were busy completing their weekly exams. Lessons were built around Apollo and the book of Acts 18:24-28, with teachers’ as leaders.

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