Our Staff

Talented teachers and staff make a difference for girls in Africa.

Our teachers and staff are deeply committed to the health, well being, and academic success of each girl.

Meet our talented team.

Miriam Wanjiku Karanja

Title: Director, Light of Hope Home & School for Girls

Qualifications: Diploma in Business Management & Information Technology Certificate, Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Roles and Responsibilities: As director, Miriam manages a staff of 22 and is responsible for admissions, communication between Light of Hope Kenya and its U.S. office, and overseeing acquisitions and construction, including, most recently, the purchase of additional land and construction of a high school dormitory, new classroom space, a dining hall, and medical clinic.

The day I stepped into this organization, I got an opportunity to serve humanity and realized the reward was far beyond human imagination.


Light of Hope has also given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people with great heart and selflessness, who are ready to give all they have for the sake of a soul. Every life has value, and everyone deserves a good life by at least affording the basics, which millions of children are lacking.

Joseph Njoroge Kamau

Title: Assistant Administrator, Light of Hope Home & School for Girls

Qualification: College Education – PI Certificate in Primary Education

Roles and Responsibilities: As an assistant administrator, Joseph’s major roles include the supervision and coordination of our day-to-day activities and linking management and staff to keep Light of Hope Home & School running smoothly.

Having worked at Light of Hope for two years, I have seen a lot of transformation in the girls’ lives. During rescue, most girls are malnourished, fearful and withdrawn. Light of Hope provides the best to such girls through love and, within no time, the girls become healthy, confident and outgoing.  A ray of hope shines to every girl that joins Light of Hope.


The transformation manifested in every girl’s life inspires me to serve at my best.

Hilda Wanjiku Waweru

Title: Social Worker

Qualification: Diploma 1 and 2 in Community Development and Social Work

Roles and Responsibilities: As Light of Hope’s social worker, Hilda provides our girls with much-needed psychosocial support. Through guidance and counseling, girls who lived in poverty, were displaced, orphaned, and oppressed discover their inherent value.

Light of Hope imparts spiritual, intellectual, psychological, social, and moral values that help the girls understand the principle of good behavior.


It has sparked me to work with Light of Hope towards realizing its aims and objectives.

Esther Mukami Kimani

Title: Deputy Head Teacher

Qualification: College Education – PI Certificate in Primary Education

Roles and Responsibilities: In addition to teaching the 4th grade, Esther is responsible for ensuring our girls are safe, disciplined, and well cared for. She also ensures all teachers and students are well-equipped with the tools they need for academic success.

Light of Hope has made the girl child feel more secure and, hence, they can speak with confidence. The girls also get care and love.


The smiles that they had been denied are restored and this makes them remain focused on a greater and brighter future.

Benson Mbasa Chacha

Title: Caretaker

Qualification: O level certificate

Roles and Responsibilities: As the caretaker at Light of Hope, Benson keeps Light of Hope organized, cares for our livestock, and serves as our messenger.

Since I joined Light of Hope in 2008, I have witnessed girls benefiting a lot through the provision of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and quality education.


I strongly believe that in the next few years, Light of Hope will produce very powerful people in the society.