17th Annual Shine A Light of Hope Gala

17th Annual Shine A Light of Hope Gala

The 17th Annual Shine A Light of Hope Gala is on May 4th! We are so thrilled spend a fun evening supporting the girls of Light of Hope, all while making new friends and bidding/purchasing some amazing items! Thank you in advance for supporting the Beautiful girls of LOH! Live Auction: Join us on May 4th and get ready to bid on these awesome prizes … – Take a Trip of a Lifetime and visit Light of Hope in Naivasha, Kenya! Spend 4 days with the girls at LOH and and and then be shuttled off to a 3 Day Luxury African Safari! Value $6,000! Hosted by Boni and Sandy […]

New LOH Medical Clinic

New LOH Medical Clinic Nearly Complete! Opening 2019! We are excited to announce that the projected opening of the LOH Medical Clinic is to be in February of 2019! This has been a dream of LOH, and as a result of receiving many generous donations, it is finally coming to fruition! The clinic will serve the girls and staff at LOH and we hope to serve the local community in the future. “Through LOH, I am able to stand before people and proclaim the miracles that God has done for me. No words can explain the joy that is in my heart.” – Former LOH student Mary Loyan

October 2018 Monthly Updates

October School Updates Update on Nancy’s Rescue Two months ago we introduced Nancy, who was brought to LOH due to an abusive home environment. Since arriving, she has been doing wonderfully, blossoming with love from her new sisters, staff, and Daddy Boni! Watch the above clip to find out how she’s been doing since arriving at Light of Hope! International Day of the Girl Luncheon The 2018 International Day of the Girl Luncheon, held last Thursday at The Hutton House, was a huge success! We had over 120 guests in attendance and raised over 20K in donations, our most successful luncheon to date! A great big THANK YOU to Lt. […]

September 2018 Monthly Updates

September School Updates Meet Little Jane, Nina Meet Nina, one of our newest rescues, who arrived to Light of Hope in January! Nina is an orphan, who was living with her Grandma, and who was referred to LOH by the Deacon of the church her grandmother was attending. Welcome, Nina, we are so blessed to have you! Click Here to Watch Video of Nina’s arrival Sandy and Nina, soon after her arrival. Medtronic Volunteers for Career Day! Medtronic volunteers from Minneapolis joined forces with Medtronic staff in Nairobi to organize a Career Day at LOH! This amazing event is the first of it’s kind for LOH, and we want to […]

August 2018 Monthly Updates

August School Updates Meet Our Newest Arrival, Nancy! We are delighted to welcome darling Nancy, who is 6 years old and was brought to LOH due to an abusive home environment and a need for personal safety. Since arriving, she is doing wonderfully, blossoming with love from her new sisters, staff, and Daddy Boni. We are so blessed to have her! Nancy arrives at LOH, greeted by her new sisters High School Graduates Return Home Carol, Mary, and Ruth, who graduated from their prospective High School’s in 2017, returned to Light of Hope for a visit and to spend time “giving back” to their home and former school. Part of […]

July 2018 Monthly Updates

July School Updates Staff Thank you for all that you do, LOH Staff! A Letter from the Staff of LOH: “We are blessed to be here as staff of LOH! We enjoy helping the girls acquire knowledge and skills, helping them identify talents that we can nurture and develop, and watching them succeed! We also enjoy providing moral support, and offering counseling and guidance in consideration of their difficult backgrounds.” “Supporting them spiritually to be God fearing and to seek Godly guidance in their endeavors is an honor. We act as role models to the girls, and all of this is helping us to become the best versions of ourselves. […]

June 2018 Monthly Updates

June School Updates V-Academy V-Academy arrives at LOH The girls at LOH are having fun with an interactive new software that provides e-learning with or with-out internet access. This required program through the Kenyan government provides lessons in history, geography, science, math and language arts. Have fun, girls! “When we think of you, we think of God for bringing you into our lives.” – Anonymous LOH Student Zippy Presents Farm Equipment Zippy Participates as a Presenter at Local Conference We are so proud that Zippy was chosen to be a presenter at a regional agriculture conference this past month! Zippy presented information on farm equipment to visitors, and was able […]

2018 Light of Hope Gala

Thank You to our Supporters! Boni and Sandy Karanja at the 2018 Minneapolis Gala 2018 Gala’s Were A Success Thank you to all of our friends and supporters of Light of Hope for all of your support over the last year! We are incredibly blessed to have all of you in our lives, and appreciate each one of you, whether you are volunteering, offering financial support or sending prayers for the girls of Light of Hope! The 2018 Shine a Light of Hope Gala was held on Saturday, April 21 and was a huge success! We raised nearly $150K for the girls of Light of Hope and were blessed with […]

2017 Wrap-Up and Impact Statement

2017 Wrap-Up and Impact Statement Dear Friends – As Co-Founders, we would like to thank you for your support of Light of Hope over the last 12 months! Nineteen years ago, God brought us together to serve His purpose by giving us each a vision, which has lead us to where we are today. Over the years we have faced many challenges, and have witnessed His faithfulness, as Light of Hope continues to grow and transform so many young lives. This has been a true labor of love, not only for the benefit of girls at Light of Hope, but also all those who have joined hands with us. We […]

November 2017 Monthly Newsletter

November Newsletter Featuring Mary Sera Meet Mary Sera Mary Sera is a sweet, confident, and social 7th grader that is poised to be a positive influence in the world. She looks to the future with a hopeful eye, and plans to follow in her sister Jane’s footsteps by attending high-school and then college. Although she has many interests and talents, her current goal is to become a writer, and make a difference through communication. Like many at LOH, Mary Sera and Jane were abandoned at an early age, first by their father, and then their mother. Their mother, jobless and poverty stricken, had struggled for years with illness and lack […]