Time. Talent. Heart. Volunteer yours to our girls school in Kenya.

The girls who call Light of Hope home come from desperate circumstances, and there are many more we feel called to reach.

When you volunteer your time and talent to our girls school, you make that possible.

Please, enrich our lives and theirs with your talents. Join us in furthering our mission to educate girls in need.

Volunteer opportunities in Kenya

  • Construction and maintenance, including plumbing, painting, and carpentry
  • Education, including microeconomics, music, drama, and organic gardening
  • Motivational speaking and leadership training
  • Medical and dental care

Local volunteer opportunities

  • Grant writing
  • Event planning and execution

Have a Fundraiser!

  • Donate Goods
  • Or have a small fundraiser with your work friends, Bible Study, or Girl Scout Troop!