Donate to support girls education in Africa – change the world.

Global poverty is a social injustice, but it’s an injustice we know how to correct – and it begins when we invest in girls education.

We’re already making big strides in Kenya, Africa, but we need your help.

Donate today.

Where does your money go?

When you donate to Light of Hope, your money helps:

  • Support girls education and empowerment
  • Attract and retain highly-skilled teachers and staff
  • Maintain our existing infrastructure
  • Expand Light of Hope facilities, so we can welcome more girls in need

Your impact.

Even a small donation can make a big difference in the life of a girl.

How far does your money go?

  • $25/month provides daily breakfast for the Day Scholars (girls who walk 3-5 miles per day from local villages to receive their education at Light of Hope).
  • $45/month provides all meals for an entire month for a Resident Scholar (girls who live at Light of Hope full time).
  • $75/month provides food, clothing and shelter for an entire month for a Resident Scholar.
  • $165/month provides full support for a Resident Scholar for an entire year.
  • Costs: $2000/per girl/per year, plus funds for ongoing building improvement, expansion projects, and maintenance of infrastructure.