Our Girls

Our girls offer stories of hope & healing in Africa.

From the most difficult circumstances, the girls and young women who call Light of Hope “home” have made the most of their opportunities: they’ve embraced education, they’ve worked hard to heal past hurts, and they’ve formed tremendous bonds with us and one another.

When we speak of “our girls” with pride, it’s because we truly are a large and loving family.

Read some of their stories.


Tabitha’s mother was frequently sick and her father, absent. Living in abject poverty, she was forced by circumstance to work in a quarry under exploitative conditions and take on parental responsibility for her siblings.

Unable to read and with little hope for a promising future, Tabitha walked through our gates at the age of thirteen.

Now, she can read and write, and she’s discovered a love of mathematics.

I like Light of Hope because there is no discrimination. I understand now I can be able to move life mountains.

When Tabitha grows up, she intends to assist orphans, just as she received love and support from her Light of Hope family.


In 2007, Zipporah’s community had been torn apart by post-election violence. With life back home no longer possible and no one to turn to for support, she felt lost.

Things are different now.

Zipporah has dedicated herself to her studies so that she might, in her words, “Touch the finishing line successfully.”

With a strong mathematical mind, she intends to pursue a career in accounting.

I thank God for the opportunity I got at Light of Hope to get educated. I have discovered and realized that there is more to life as a result of the love and care shown to me.


Sylvia joined Light of Hope when she was eight years old. She vividly recalls the warm smiles that welcomed her on her first day and how good it felt to feel important and needed by her Light of Hope family.

She loves the quality education she receives now and enthusiastically declares mathematics and social studies as her favorite subjects.

Light of Hope has changed my perception of the world. I have realized that I am a very important person in life and that I can explore my talents and abilities. I realized that there are so many people out there who are caring and supportive with big hearts.


Thanks to the founders, sponsors, and friends of Light of Hope for being part of one of the biggest dreams that has really changed our lives from nothing to something, and from something to somebody.

Watch Sylvia, at age 14, speaking in Naivasha for Int’l Day of the African Child.