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Light of Hope awards & grants

We’ve been recognized as a responsible, effective non-profit home and school for girls. For this, we feel truly honored.

We believe educating girls is the surest way to lift communities out of poverty and we’re privileged to contribute to this important work.


Kenya Environmentally Friendly Award

Kenya Ministry of Gender & Children Affairs, 2013

We were recognized for embracing environmental sustainability best practices, including our commitment to growing and producing much of our own meat, dairy, and produce on-site and using organic methods. We’ve also enhanced our school grounds by planting grasses and hundreds of trees.


Jackson Foundation


The Jackson Foundation grant currently funds the development of our new leadership curriculum. Dedicated funds will also provide mentoring and leadership development training and support for students and staff, as well as the essential materials and resources needed to support leadership development in the 21st century. Light of Hope just began it’s third grant for the Stepping Stones Leadership Development Program, and will work over the next two years integrate the program into the Home and School’s curriculum. The goal is to empower our staff and girls to recognize their identity and become leaders in their community.

Margaret A Cargill Foundation


Without privacy and security our girls would be unsafe. This MAC Foundation grant not only funded the construction of our security wall, but the installation of solar security lighting, as well. In Kenya, power surges and blackouts are common. The installation of solar lighting ensures our grounds will always be well-lit at night.

Carlson Family Foundation


Access to a safe, reliable water source is critical to ensuring the health of our girls, irrigating our organic gardens, and watering our livestock. Carlson Family Foundation made our water well possible through a grant award.

Mound Westonka Rotary


The Rotary, through its international organization, provided matching funds to help us complete the well project.

Wayzata Community Church


Each year, we require funds to pay our teachers, maintain our facilities, and provide our girls with the things they need to succeed: food, clothing, medical care, and school supplies. Year after year, Wayazata Community Church has granted funds to meet those needs.

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Our Sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors. Their contributions make our work possible.


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