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Project Kitchen and Dining Hall

Support a Campus Project at Light of Hope

Light of Hope seeks to expand its services to provide refuge, restoration, and redirection to 200 girls by 2014. In order to facilitate this growth, a new kitchen and dining space are essential.

Currently, more than 150 meals per day are cooked over a primitive open fire. Dishes are washed, dried and stored in a wire cage. The girls eat all of their meals on the ground, or on benches in an empty classroom. As the number of girls housed at Light of Hope grows, so does the need for space to provide food.

Light of Hope is in the process of building expanded, permanent facilities. PHASE 1, which included four classrooms and supporting office space, was completed in 2011. PHASE 2, a new kitchen and dining hall, is the next crucial step in expanding Light of Hope. You can help to make this possible by donating to the kitchen and dining hall.


  • Fund a Kitchen and dining hall that will allow for growth on the Light of Hope Campus.
  • Build a permanent building allowing staff and residents to produce food more efficiently and hygienically.
  • Create a space for residents and staff to gather at tables for social fellowship at mealtime.
  • Provide a spiritual space for worship and community gatherings.

Facing Our Future

At Light of Hope, we grow one project at a time. All campus projects are fully funded when we begin. Our future needs include a third permanent dorm, a water purification system, and continued expansion of our classroom facilities.